Savile Row Bespoke Tailors
Since the firm’s inception in 1906, Anderson & Sheppard’s mission has been simple, focused and immutable: to be the bespoke tailor of choice for men who wish to dress in comfortable, understated elegance. For well over 100 years, we’ve stayed true to that mission, crafting bespoke clothing for some of the world’s most notable men in business, government and the arts.

At the core of our story is the English Drape cut: a now-classic suiting silhouette, that surfaced as a more comfortable alternative to the rigid constraints of military dress early in the 20th century.
Mayfair Haberdashery
Anderson & Sheppard has made men's Bespoke suits on Savile Row since 1906. In 2011, we opened the Haberdashery, on Clifford Street around the corner from the Bespoke Tailors. Thus we seek to continue the tradition of outfitting men in the finest apparel, while broadening our offering to serve all of their clothing needs.

We seek out the best mills and the finest craftsmen in England, Scotland and Europe to make clothes that men want to wear when they’re not in suits. That means trousers, casual jackets, sweaters, shirts, pyjamas, robes, ties, scarves and everything else that makes the modern man.