Mission and Team

Since the firm’s inception in 1906, Anderson & Sheppard’s mission has been simple, focused and immutable: to be the tailor of choice for men who wish to dress in comfortable, understated elegance. For well over 100 years, we’ve stayed true to that mission, crafting bespoke clothing for some of the world’s most notable men in the arts, government and business. Should you decide to honour us with your business, be assured that you would receive the selfsame quality and attention they did. The following sections will introduce you to some of today’s Anderson & Sheppard team members, many of whom would be involved in creating your bespoke garments.

Anderson & Sheppard has a team of over 60 loyal staff and expert tailors, each committed to his or her chosen field of front of house, cutting or tailoring. The exacting particulars of our house style and practices mean that we tend to train and grow our team from within, ensuring a continuity of tradition, precision and pride in our craft—principles to which we have been steadfastly committed since we first opened our doors.

Senior Directors

Our senior directors share over 100 years of experience at Anderson & Sheppard between them.

Colin Heywood, the firm’s Managing Director, began his career with the company in 1990. He oversees the front shop team of William Lo and Martin Crawford. 

Danny Hall, Head Cutter and Master Tailor, followed his uncle into the trade and trained at Anderson & Sheppard as a coat maker before undertaking his coat cutting instruction from Alan Pitt. He has served the company for 30 years and is supported in the coats’ department by Senior Cutters Leslie Haynes and Leon Powell, and by Apprentices, Matthew Borkowski and Max Castano-Blacker.

John Malone, Head Trouser Cutter, has been with the company longer than anyone. He joined Anderson & Sheppard over four decades ago and manages the trouser department. He is supported by Cutter Sam Labone and by Apprentice Sonny Speight.

Colin Heywood, Managing Director; joined the firm in 1990.
Danny Hall, Head Cutter; joined the firm in 1988.
John Malone, Head Trouser Cutter; joined the firm in 1975.

Front Shop

As the name implies, the front shop team will be the first to greet you when you pay us a visit. Supervised by Colin Heywood, they are: Consultant William Lo, Consultant Martin Crawford and Accounts Clerk Kathy Webb. Our expert Cloth Consultants are on hand to guide you through the wide selection of cloth that we offer, many of which are exclusive to Anderson & Sheppard.

The Cutting Room

Creation of your bespoke clothing starts in the cutting room. Our cutting team has collectively dedicated over a century and a half of experience to our bespoke customers, imparting their skills to our undercutters and apprentices, thereby securing the continuity and quality of our tailoring. Anderson & Sheppard is also one of very few bespoke tailoring houses to employ a full-time trimmer.In our shop, Trimmer Michael Bisson, ensures that every garment we produce has the perfect combination of canvas, wadding, melton, silesia, banroll, linings, buttons and thread.

Our Tailoring Workshops

Supervised by Head Cutter Danny Hall, our tailoring workshops host our team of over 30 specialist coat makers, trouser makers, alteration tailors, finishers and apprentices, all of whom work exclusively for the company.


Quality and consistency can only be achieved by training to our exacting standards. By developing and nurturing our tailors in house, we ensure that the nuances, cut and quality that have defined Anderson & Sheppard for over 100 years are upheld and passed down to our future generations of cutters and tailors. Having established whether their bespoke calling lies in cutting, or coat or trouser making, our apprentices learn the art of tailoring as practised at Anderson & Sheppard under the one-to-one supervision of a master craftsman. It takes several years of commitment and study to qualify as a tailor or cutter, with all apprentices following their mentor closely during the formative years of their career.

We are proud to have contributed to The Bespoke Apprentice website. The site is an industry initiative that aims to be a resource for everyone interested in a career in bespoke tailoring.

The Anderson & Sheppard apprenticeship programme currently has no vacancies. Should places become available, we will update our website.