Quotes from the Press

"Anderson & Sheppard, one of the grand houses of British bespoke tailoring on London’s Savile Row"
"Anderson & Sheppard on Savile Row made me a double-breasted suit in tobacco-brown needle cord, and it is a thing of striking beauty." – A.A. Gill writes in The Sunday Times
"It’s over 100 years old, but bespoke tailor Anderson & Sheppard melds a century’s worth of experience with contemporary touches. With over seven experts working on each suit, the process is bespoke from start to finish, and it is said that A&S devotees can spot each other from a mile off."
"The greatest of the street’s tailors."
"When the world’s most stylish royalty, musicians, politicians, actors and designers recommend a tailor, it is invariably Anderson & Sheppard."
"But it’s enduring legacy is thanks to the fact it’s made by historical tailoring institution Anderson & Sheppard, who have outfitted the Prince throughout the decades in their particularly polished, beautifully-made suiting and outerwear."
"There is something charmingly antiquated about the way Anderson & Sheppard operates, with one student working under a master, learning all they can from them: a pinpoint transfusion of knowledge about the cut of a hemline, the intricacies of lining up a pocket flap with the herringbone or the check on a jacket just so."
"In my opinion, Anderson & Sheppard is the best tailor in the world" – Tom Ford tells Virginie Mouzat for Le Figaro
"Service is what sets them apart."
"In technical terms, the firm’s soft drape suit represented the modern era’s most significant revelation in men’s tailoring – a sartorial reformation, if you will. Anderson & Sheppard’s heretical approach rocked the tailoring world, resonating so far and wide that its core tenets were heavily incorporated into the iconic school of Neapolitan tailoring. An Anderson & Sheppard suit clad the wearer in perfect nonchalant elegance, while providing a never-before-attained level of mobility"
"If the clothes make the man, what better choice than Anderson & Sheppard three-piece in hand loomed Shetland tweed?"
"Good off-the-peg versions are available, but master bespoke is what you get from Anderson & Sheppard."
"Anderson & Sheppard has been dressing the finest men under the seal of the Prince of Wales. The 100 years of expertise and royal bond is what you’re paying for."