Audie Charles, Conor King and Emily Lowe


Anderson & Sheppard’s Haberdashery mission is to continue the tradition of outfitting men in the finest apparel, started by our Bespoke shop back in 1906. We sought to broaden our offering of men’s clothing to serve virtually all of men’s clothing needs: from men’s accessories to perfectly fitted trousers.

When you enter Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery, expect a warm welcome from Audie Charles, and her very able and affable team. We built the shop so it was a comfortable place to spend time – where men would feel at home and sit by the fire, have a cup of tea and page through a newspaper. We hope you’ll look forward to stopping by for a fitting, or just to browse and say hello.

Of course, we also have ready-to-wear men’s clothing that make sense for the season, from wool or cashmere scarves to swimsuits, pyjamas to dressing gowns. We think you’ll find something you will like. And of course, we’d love to get you fitted for a pair or two of our famous trousers that you’ll hear more about under the Style Section

Anda Rowland and Andrzej Krzyszczuk