The Shop

Anderson & Sheppard strives to meet the needs of men, and that is always a modern endeavour. Our firm has made suits on Savile Row since 1906. In 2011, we opened the Haberdashery, on Clifford Street around the corner from our tailor. We sought to continue the tradition of outfitting men and serving all their clothing needs.

We seek out the best mills and the finest craftsmen in England and Scotland to make clothes that men want to wear when they’re not in suits. That means trousers, sweaters, pajamas, robes, ties, scarves and everything else that makes the modern man.

The Haberdashery carries a particularly wide-ranging collection of trousers and knitwear. If you’re looking for a clean, concise fit of plain front trousers we’ve got them. If you’re looking for something more unusual, we are well-versed in the art of the double-reverse pleats. Above all a sweater should be beloved. So we worked carefully with weavers to make knitwear you feel a connection to.

We look forward to finding the clothes that make sense for you—both the style and the fit. We are comprehensive in the sizes we carry, from small to 5XL, but we can make anything to order, if your needs are more specific.