What are The Haberdashery’s house specialities?

We specialise in outfitting men when they’re not wearing suits. That means knitwear, shirts, trousers and accessories. We have a wide selection of knitwear—over sixty styles—from cardigans to pullovers to crewnecks. We source our wool and cashmere from the finest mills in England and Scotland. And we carry enough of a wide array of sizes so we can fit any man.

What sort of trousers do you carry?

We’ve focused on tailor-made trousers since we opened in 2012. We carry eleven styles, from plain-front to reverse pleated. Our most popular are Style 1 and Style 2, but we are happy to have some more esoteric traditional models, like Style 5. We’ve worked carefully on these and are confident that you can find the right pair that matches your sensibility and your physique.

Can I order trousers online?

But we’ve found that most men are happiest after they’ve received a fitting in our Clifford Street store. You can try on various models, select fabric and have a more personalized experience. After you’ve had one pair made then you can order more pairs just by indication cloth and style.

Where are your clothes made?

All of our clothes are made to our specifications at small factories that we work closely with. Most of our knitwear is made in Great Britain and a handful of sweaters are made in family-run factories in Italy. We use mostly British made cloth for our trousers and outwear and use many of the same mills as the bespoke shop. The trousers are made to our specifications by a specialist factory in northen Italy.

Do you carry your collections year round?

Yes, we do. Our knitwear and trousers and shirts are always available so you can find what you’re looking for at any time of year.

What are your sizes?

With our tailoring background we want to accommodate any man who visits us. We think it’s important to carry a range of sizes from small to five XL. We are happy to discuss any other needs you might have.

Do you make special orders?

Yes, we can usually fulfill specific orders within 4-6 weeks.
Please contact shop@anderson-sheppard.co.uk for details.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we have customers around the world.
Please contact shop@anderson-sheppard.co.uk for rates and details.