A good men’s sweater is one you don’t want to take off. It’s soft, warm, reliable, the model of versatility. All of our sweaters, from cardigans to crewnecks, are made to our specifications at small workshops in Britain and Italy. We’ve sought out the best materials and the best fabric mills we could find. We think you’ll appreciate the feel of all our sweaters, whether they’re made from impossibly soft cashmere, Merino or lambswool, or heartier Shetland wool. We want our sweaters to be something you can always rely on—that’s why we carry most of them all year, and in every size from XXS to 5XL.


Men’s shirt changes with its wearer. It can be discreet or expressive, whimsical or reassuring. At the Haberdashery we specialise in shirts that look good in every setting, with a focus on craftsmanship and comfort. Whether you are looking for a formal shirt, linen shirt for your upcoming vacation or a collarless shirt for a weekend – we carry a great range of styles and colours so you’re at home wherever you are.


Accessories are the most direct way to express your personality. They’re your chance to introduce colour and verve to whatever you wear. Men who love to dress, love accessories, and that’s why we carry a broad range of hats, scarves, belts and more.