Donegal Tweed Three Piece

This Anderson & Sheppard Three Piece Donegal Tweed suit is chocolate with marmalade speckles. The versatility of a three piece suit lays in it’s ability to be worn in so many different ways.

You can choose to wear just the jacket and the trousers; or you can pair the jacket and waistcoat with trousers, wear with jeans, corduroy or flannels.

A shirt and tie makes it perfect for the city, and if worn with some strong boots you’re ready for the country.

Donegal Tweed Three Piece is Styled with,

Anderson and Sheppard Light Orange Shetland Sweater

Anderson and Sheppard Brown Wool/Silk Neckerchief

Anderson and Sheppard Natural Linen Pocket Square

Anderson and Sheppard Burgundy Suede Leather Gloves 



Wool-Silk Medium Spot Neckerchief


Anderson and Sheppard Suede Leather Gloves