Just one of the suits cut by Leon Powell for our shop floor, a bespoke navy classic flannel double breasted suit, cloth is Holland & Sherry 753205 9oz and is styled with our wool/silk ikat pocket sqaure and suede shoes from our collaboration with Manolo Blahnik.

In our fitting room today, everything you need for Ascot. Bespoke black herringbone morning coat, Smith Woollen cloth 5194 11oz, grey and black striped worsted trousers and grey worsted waistcoat. Styled with our jockey silk ties, braces and colourful pocket squares.

Five of the ten colours of our linen shorts.


If you happen to walk past our shop at 17 Clifford Street you will see three gorgeous valet stands in our windows. The stands are from London based company Honorific and are made from solid walnut and polished brass.

Founder and designer Mantas Lesauskas, who kindly brought the valets to our shop, stated their conception came from his belief in the significance of the morning ritual and the importance of proper arrangement and organisation. With his passion for menswear and an educational background in design, Mantas wanted to combine the two and create something beautiful – all of us at the haberdashery can certainly agree that he did just that.