Honorific Valet Stands.

If you happen to walk past our shop at 17 Clifford Street you will see three gorgeous valet stands in our windows. The stands are from London based company Honorific and are made from solid walnut and polished brass.

Founder and designer Mantas Lesauskas, who kindly brought the valets to our shop, stated their conception came from his belief in the significance of the morning ritual and the importance of proper arrangement and organisation. With his passion for menswear and an educational background in design, Mantas wanted to combine the two and create something beautiful – all of us at the haberdashery can certainly agree that he did just that.

Honorific Valet, Anderson & Sheppard (3)

The materials are all sourced from Britain and assembled in London taking just over a month to construct. The valet hanger is sculpted from one piece of solid hardwood and all inserts and fittings are made from high quality brass with the option to have the plate hand engraved.

Mantas has plans to expand the collection to include hat hangers and umbrella stands all hand crafted and made from the finest material. For now just the valets stands are available to purchase on the Honorific website.

We would like to thank Mantas for gifting us with our own hand engraved Valet stand and hope to see him soon again in our shop.

Honorific Valet, Anderson & Sheppard (6)


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