Spring has Sprung!

For a while now we have had our lovely Shetland Sweaters displayed on the table at the back of our shop, they have proved to be extremely popular but I felt it was time for something new. Considering it is now Spring and the holidays are upon us, our velvet and cotton Espadrille were the perfect choice.

Anderson and Sheppard Espadrille (9)

The Zabattigli Espidrille is handmade in the village of Anacapri by trained artisans, we have restocked the colours and the velvet Espadrille are available in Red, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink, Emerald, Teal, Turquoise and Midnight.

Find our Velvet Espadrille here. 

Anderson and Sheppard espadrille

The Cotton Espadrille has a new additions of a rubber outsole and cushioned heel. This is great for extra durability and grip, whilst the rope seam maintains the authentic look of the Espadrille.

The cotton rubber outsole Espadrille are available in our shop in Yellow, Navy and China Blue and also online. 

If you prefer the cotton Espadrille with the traditional rope sole we still have the Navy and White colours available in our shop and online.

Find our Cotton Espadrille here. 

Find our Rubber Soled Espadrille here.

Anderson and Sheppard Espadrille (5)

Anderson and Sheppard Espadrille (6)