A different Overcoat for a different look

By James on 2nd December, 2013

An overcoat is what we all crave at this time of year, and if you’ve been saavy enough to plan ahead, you will now be enjoying the fruits of your planning and have a new coat for the coming months.

It’s true that we make a large number of classic coats, single or double breasted, in either a a blue or a grey. It might be 100% wool or cashmere, or be a 50/50 split between the two.

However, not only do we do the classics, but we’ve had a good number of people looking and ordering a coat that while smart, can also be a little more casual. W.Bill is my favourite port of call for such a thing. They have lovely tweed bunches along with the Hartwist bunch from Harrisons which have some great designs, just for that purpose.

A favourite of mine is the grey barleycorn tweed from W. Bill that you can see below. It can be smart and casual, and is a substantial overcoat at 20 oz. Below are the two shades available. It goes without staying that there are a host a ways to cut it. Perhaps for a change you’d prefer a short coat, a pea coat or even a polo coat?

Placing an order now would lead to a delivery of late February/March, so there’s just time to give it a wear this winter!