Artist:Artisan at Maison Mai Non

By Jennie on 4th June, 2015


Artist:Artisan, the collaborative exhibition between Savile Row apprentices and Central Saint Martins Fashion MA Graduates took place on Tuesday evening at the Maison Mai Non Fashion gallery in Soho.

The other Savile Row houses involved included  Chittleborough & Morgan, Kathryn Sargent and Richard Anderson. The night was a great success, a lot of people turned up to see our work, and I was so proud to be part of the first exhibition for the gallery. Micheal Neeson and Topes Calland did an amazing job with the space; our pieces looked amazing hung from a frame and illuminated by a spotlight, it was the perfect way to display them.

Guests were not afraid to touch the garments, and to ask Liberty and I questions about the coat and the making process. They all seemed genuinely impressed and interested in the piece, which was really great to see.

Maison Mai Non Room

Maison Mai Non Room.jpg2

Knitted jacket exhibition

Our collaborative piece was an overcoat with the back panel woven into a herringbone pattern with cloth stripes. We had spent the past couple of months getting it ready; and it was so rewarding to see it all come together.

Liberty and I collaborated with Central Saint Martins graduate Hayley Grundmann. Hayley used foam and bin bags in her MA collection, and for our collaboration we decided to use the waste scraps of material left after each tailoring commission. Working with Hayley was great fun, however a few weeks into the project she was offered a job, meaning she had to move to Stockholm. Hayley left us with only the designs and the beginning samples, thankfully we had help from Egle Zaiteviciute, a specialist knitwear designer who wove the knitted panel for us.

Knitted jacket exhibition.jpg2

Everything was a normal process except sewing on the knitted back. Making the front of jacket and the base on the back was simple enough for us, but the woven cloth was the most challenging part. We couldn’t use the same techniques as we do as tailors with that; all the seams were hand sewn, it was near impossible to work with the knit because it stretches and doesn’t retain its shape. It was definitely the most intricate part, but also the most gratifying.

I want to thank Micheal and Topes for providing a platform for us to display our work and congratulate all the other tailors and designers involved in the exhibition.

Liberty and I are really proud of the jacket, I see something new in it every time I look at it and I hope the guests do too.

Liberty and Micheal

Liberty and Micheal Neeson

Su and Will

Su Thomas and Will Pelham

India Rose

India Rose James


Desinger: Krystyna Kozhoma

Francis Chilltleborough

Francis Paley for Chittleborough & Morgan

Designer: Charles Jeffrey

Designer: Charles Jeffrey

Alistair Nimmo for Kathryn Sargent

Alistair Nimmo for Kathryn Sargent

Artist:Artisan will be on display at Maison Mais Non from 2nd June until 14th July at 14 Greek Street, Soho.