At the start of my apprenticeship

By Emily H on 30th September, 2013

After studying at the London College of Fashion I came to Anderson & Sheppard for a day on work experience. I really enjoyed it and thanks to a well chosen packet of biscuits (well it helped) I was lucky enough to start coming one day a week. I did this for over a year, and all the while learnt all I could in the time. As luck would have it, I was offered a 4 year apprenticeship with Derrick in February 2013 as a coat maker.

During my work experience I had practiced padding a collar lots of times, so when I came on board I was able to start padding a collar and lapel after Derrick had canvassed the job. I’ve since gone on to learn how to prepare the sleeves for a forward, ready for Derrick to baste them in for a forward fitting.

What cloth do I prefer dealing with? I really like flannel because the chalk marks stay on it. It’s a whole lot easier to deal with! The challenge comes with a fresco which can fray at the edges so it can be a challenge. A great suit though.

Before Derrick let me loose on them for real customers, I practiced and practiced pockets. As many people may know, Anderson and Sheppard is well known for having matching jettings (the strip just above the pocket flap). It’s a nice detail that before I arrived I had never done before when studying. In the photos above you can see me working on some in breast pockets.

I’m really enjoying my time in the workshop and although there’s constantly lots to do and learn, it’s always a friendly environment to be working in. The USA trip is almost upon us, so as soon as Mr. Hitchcock is back and has cut the jobs out, it will be down to the likes of us to start the making.