Attention to detail

By Finnan on 22nd April, 2013

What makes the difference between something being good versus excellent is its attention to detail. When it comes to the cloth, Mr. Hitchcock will match the design at every opportunity. While cutting he matches the two forepart pieces, the pockets, the sleeves, and the back. The jettings (the ridge directly above the pocket flap) are also matched to the fore part and pocket so as to demonstrate a continuous and uninterrupted design. This really is a skill and something that not all tailors go to the trouble of doing.

Some people ask me why making a suit takes so long? It’s because not only is everything tailored by hand, but it’s carried out to such a high level of attention to detail. Once a jacket has been made it goes to our Finishers for the final stages of its make. They will sew by hand every button hole, fell the collar and attach all the linings. Minuscule stitch work insures for a flawless finish.

For the purpose of a conventional jacket we have four button holes. Three of them will be working buttons and the fourth will not. This is done so that if there is a necessity to bring the sleeve length down, then we can. Reworking the configuration of the button placement.

The final element of attention to detail is the pressing. We give the finished garment a thorough check on all aspects at the pressing stage and check all the work meticulously before it leaves us.