Back from the US Spring trip

By Finnan on 10th June, 2013

While Mr. Hitchcock and Colin were away the orders were being sent down the wire every day, so life was very busy here at the shop. We were able to have the cloth ordered, getting it ready for us all to cut. On his return, it took Mr. Hitchcock some time to cut all the new patterns needed to get our new customers into work.

The cutting room is piled high with lengths of cloth and with so much work eminent our tailors must have been bracing themselves! More so than normal, it’s always a particularly busy time of year for us, and will be again in 6 months when we return to the US for the autumn trip. The carnet which is full of garments for our customers is a large operation and when it comes back to us it can take several days to unpack.

With the help of Max, I booked it in. As always, there were alterations, new garments that had had a fitting and were ready to be ripped down again for the second stage with their tailor. Also the garments being returned to be pressed up and exported. For some of our customers, the fitting process can occur every six months because they are unable to be fitted in the shop.It makes for a longer project, but something to look forward to. For others, they might start the process in the shop, have a fitting in the US, and then have a final fitting back in London.

The dates for the autumn are now available on on our website:

I would write more, but I need to get back to it!