Belt Up

By Conor on 29th July, 2013

Belts have been a part of men’s clothing since the Bronze age. From supporting a weapon in the first World War to merely supporting your trousers at the waist, they are one of only a few accessories that men might choose to wear. Fashion evolves and so does their use and style. Since the mid 1990s the practice of “sagging” has taken hold (and I use this term extremely lightly) has become “fashionable”. This is when your trousers are left to their own devices and hang below the belt line. Its roots trace back to prison gangs who were naturally banned from wearing belts in prisons for obvious reasons. An interesting fact but nothing more, and not the look we indorse!

Prior to the 1920’s, trousers would always sit higher so there wasn’t a need as much to wear a belt. They were more a decorative item. Since then, they have become not only decorative but serve on a practical level too.

With a suit you might choose to have side adjusters, elastic and buttons, or have them cut for braces, but for a casual pair – a belt looks the part. Clifford Street has a host of belts from brown leather to go with your chinos and brogues to others that are more set for this time of year. They really help to bring a summer look to life, and it’s your attention to detail that will complete it.