BTBA Summer Ball 2014

By Ollie on 23rd July, 2014

Michael-ArterOllie-TrenchardThe lead up to any BTBA event is always a flurry of activity and this year was no different. Tailors and cutters alike make last minute alterations to their existing garments and put the finishing touches on new pieces to wear to the occasion.
The Summer Ball is seen as the showpiece in the industry calendar.  Oliver Spencer (green corduroy) and I (navy linen) had new jackets made by Sunna especially for the event.  I also made a pair of matching trousers. Compared to the Winter Ball this event has a much more relaxed feel with drinks being taken upon arrival in the magnificent court yard, around the fountain.  Once again this year the weather was kind and the sun came out putting everyone in a jovial mood.  This was enhanced by the excellent band that played a great variety to keep everyone entertained.
Unlike last year when Jenny, Sunna and I received our diplomas in coat making and cutting, we didn’t have that presentation to distract us and we could relax a bit more and soak up the atmosphere.  Mr Hitchcock attended with his wife and as usual he looked immaculate in a fawn double breasted linen suit, actually chosen from the same W Bill bunch as mine. An addition to this year’s proceedings was an organised tour of the Merchant Tailor’s Hall which included areas of the building unseen by the general public such as the private rooms upstairs, the workings of the kitchens and the library. A few bottles of wine later and the party, including lots of dancing, was in full swing.
Now what to wear next year?