Cashmere Ties

By James on 28th October, 2013

There is something both comforting and elegant about wearing a cashmere tie. Many of us wear silk as a matter of course throughout the year, but come the Autumn I like to explore other possibilities with ties.  Suits are heavier and tweeds are out for the weekend, so a cashmere tie is a great match for both scenarios.

Made in Italy for us using a light weight cashmere they are as plump as they are stylish; and many of them emulate the designs you will find on a suit, from birdseyes and  herringbones, to dogstooth and barleycorns. I always find autumn and winter a great time to explore texture in addition to colour – and they do exactly that. They also sit extremely well with a sports jacket for the more dressed down occasions.

For a more affordable option we have the wool ties too. Equally elegant, they too are something to enjoy during the autumn and winter months ahead. Lest we forget the knitted silks, and if you wear them, the bow ties!