Choosing a Morning Suit

By James on 8th April, 2013

As we head into the time of year that weddings tend to appear there’s always talk of Morning suits. As far as I’m concerned you can wear Morning dress for right up to around 5pm for the special day. After that then you could consider another option.

Morning dress is formed of three elements: The coat, vest and trousers. I think the coat weight should sit in the realms of 10/11oz. This will insure for a ‘wearable’ weight that won’t be too hot but will give the cloth a good opportunity to drape well. I can imagine there is nothing worse than delivering that all important speech in the knowledge that your dress coat is too heavy and you are warm! The Smith Woollens herringbone 10/11oz dress coating is my favourite option, and one that I recommend a lot. In fact, I would recommend the Smith Woollens formalwear bunch for all three elements.

Morning vests are best served double breasted in my opinion. You can have a single breast but there is nothing better than the double. While grey is perhaps the most traditional colour, many customers choose the duck egg blue, yellow and buff options. All are very smart.

The trousers are striped, and having them cut braces will insure that they sit high enough to meet the waist coat as well as deliver an elegant line for the legs. Whether you have plain fronts or pleats is up to you and your trouser cutter, but as with all formalwear they won’t have turn-ups. In terms of the trouser cloth, there are a host of stripes to choose from. Generally, the wider the stripe, the louder the trousers.

The final word of advice is to think about ordering in good time. The bespoke process takes time, so don’t think you need to get round to ordering once everything else is in place for your big day. If you consider your options early you’ll avoid the added pressure for you and your tailor!