Choosing the style of a suit

By James on 19th September, 2011

Before a customer comes in to order a suit for the first time, it is worth thinking through the basics: Do I want a single or a double breasted? Would I prefer two buttons or three on a single breasted?

However, as it can be difficult to consider the style of suit you’re looking for, it is always worth looking through magazines or brochures for things that inspire, and bringing them in to us. Often that can help communicate what you want. As much as we have a house style that we stick to, it’s good to know where the customer is coming from. A two-button suit certainly makes for a better line. And indeed, if our house style means that we won’t be able to meet the customer’s demands, it’s good to know that early on.

We always have pieces around that people can try on if they would like to see how a style works. Obviously they are bespoke, so they won’t fit, but it can be useful to talk with reference to a concrete example. Equally, if you have a suit that you like this can be useful to wear when you come in.

With a straightforward business suit, some style options would be considered the default – such as flaps to the pockets or a notch lapel on a single-breasted jacket – but they will always be discussed and checked with the customer, to make sure that is what they want.

All these things will always be run through with the cutter when the customer is measured, which happens while the order is being placed. So that is an opportunity to check and finalise all the details.