Clifford Street

By Audie on 16th May, 2012

Work has begun on 17 Clifford St. It is very exciting to see the army of hard-hatted builders in their high-viz jackets streaming in and out.

It always amazes me how fast walls can be knocked down and new areas and shapes appear. The space is wonderful with so much natural light, a rare treat in London.

We have spent the past months discussing and researching what we feel our customers would enjoy and we are trying as much as possible to create our products in Britain. However we do have some beautiful scarves being made in India. Emily and I are heading to Shetland this week to work with the knitters from the yarn to the sweater.

Working with the wider A&S family is of course very valuable because there is a great pool of knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. It is also huge fun.

We are sourcing the best possible cloths for the ultimate white shirt, superb soft moleskins and corduroys for trousers, with of course an emphasis on cut and comfort high on the list.

There is a vast amount of work to be done for the shop to open in the Autumn, but it is a challenge that we are enjoying.