By Audie on 10th November, 2016


We are very excited to present our collaboration with French bespoke glove maker Lavabre Cadet and Simon Crompton.

At our Clifford Street shop a selection of gloves will be available made-to-order, alongside samples of the leathers and sizes. For those not able to make it to our Haberdashery, you can order them online through the Permanent Style shop. 


There are three leathers available for this collaboration that cover a range of price points (all prices ex-VAT):

Goatskin, black or brown: £160
Lambskin, black or brown: £250
Peccary, black, brown, cork or grey: £320

Once you’ve picked your leather, there are few other options.

You can have them lined in black or white silk, or in black or beige cashmere. The peccary can also be unlined.

The construction can be with the seams turned inwards (neater and dressier) or outwards (thicker and more masculine). If outwards, they can be handstitched, for an extra £45.

And finally, you can add up to four initials, on the inside of the bottom of the glove, for £22 (per glove).

If you would like to order online please email to confirm your details and receive information on measuring. Payment will still be through the Permanent Style shop site.

Delivery for the gloves is three weeks from ordering.


Lavabre Cadet artisans are the guardians of a priceless skill and safeguard the techniques associated with the iconic craft, painstakingly acquired and transmitted over the years.

For 70 years, the Lavabre Cadet glove workshop, founded in Millau in 1946, has perpetuated a remarkable tradition of glove-making expertise.

This savoir-faire has been prized by the world of haute couture and international clientele seeking exceptional products.


Lavabre Cadet’s commitment to upholding this legacy of French excellence while promoting an ethos of continuous innovation has earned it the EPV (Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant) living heritage company label, as well as the accreditation by the National Institute of Arts and Crafts. These awards certify the high quality of Lavabre Cadet gloves which are exclusively crafted from stringently selected raw materials.


Thank you to Lavabre Cadet and Simon Crompton, we look forward to welcoming customers to our Clifford Street shop.