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Anda is the Vice Chairman of Anderson & Sheppard and has been with the company since it moved to Old Burlington Street. In 2012, she opened the Haberdashery shop in Clifford Street with Audie, Emily, Conor and Andrzej. She also helps to organise group events with other bespoke tailors and traditional makers in St. James's.
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Ashleigh joined Anderson & Sheppard as an apprentice coatmaker early in 2012
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Audie runs the Clifford Street store and has 30 years in the business
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Colin joined the firm in 1990 and is now Managing Director. He travels to the United States with our Head Cutter twice a year to see customers.
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Conor joined Anderson & Sheppard in 2012 and works in the Clifford Street shop
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Emily joined Anderson & Sheppard in December 2011 and works with Audie in the Clifford Street store
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Emily H
Emily joined Anderson & Sheppard as an apprentice coat maker in February 2013. Having studied at the London College of Fashion she is now working under Derrick Tomlinson.
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Finnan is an apprentice trouser maker under Keith Smith and joined Anderson & Sheppard from Newham College. He started as an apprentice to John Hitchcock but developed a passion for trouser making.
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Hajar joined Anderson and Shepppard in September 2013 as an apprentice coat maker, after studying at the London College of fashion.
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James was Front of House at Anderson & Sheppard and joined in October 2010. He left to pursue a his writing career but often visits the bespoke shop to say hello.
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Jennie is a coat maker at Anderson & Sheppard. She was an apprentice under John Kyriacou and was awarded the Silver Shears in 2013. Jennie works with Ashleigh and Liberty.
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Keith works at Anderson & Sheppard as a trouser maker and has been with us for over 30 years. He works with Michael in the St George Street workroom.
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Liberty is one of our newest recruits. She works with Jennie, Ashleigh and Lambros in the St George Street workrooms. She spent many months with us before undertaking her apprenticeship.
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Matthew joined us in December 2013 straight after his A-Levels. He worked with with John Malone and with Oliver Spencer in the trouser cutting department before moving to the coat department in 2016 and working under Leslie Haynes.
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Max works for Head Cutter Danny Hall and is learning to be a Coat Cutter. He joined the cutting room on a work experience program and showed so much enthusiasm that he was offered and apprenticeship.
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Michael Arter
Michael has worked at Anderson & Sheppard for over 30 years. He is a trouser maker and works with Keith in the St George Street workroom.
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Michael Gardener
Michael Gardener has been a packer at Anderson & Sheppard for 23 years.
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Mike is the full time Trimmer at Anderson & Sheppard. The position requires specialist knowledge and attention to detail. Mike joined the Despatch department and took over trimming when David retired.
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Mr Hitchcock
John Hitchcock retired as Managing Director and Head Cutter at Anderson & Sheppard in August 2014 after 52 years with the company. He remains a director and shareholder and is the Grantee for the firm's Royal Warrant for HRH The Prince of Wales. He is personally responsible for ensuring that the Royal Warrant is used correctly and that standards are adhered to.
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Oliver is a trouser cutter at Anderson & Sheppard - working closely with head trouser cutter John Malone. He was inspired to get into bespoke while working at Ede & Ravenscroft in Oxford. Matthew recently joined his department.
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Ollie joined Anderson & Sheppard from Newham College as an apprentice coat cutter under John Hitchcock. He has now gained his SRB diploma in cutting and continues to learn under Lesley Haines.
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Sunna recently finished her apprentiship as a tailor under Derrick Tomlinson, and is now tailoring on her own at Anderson & Sheppard. Before her apprentiship she studied textiles and fashion in Sweden.
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