First New York trip

By Oliver on 30th July, 2012

I went to New York for the first time this past month for the Anderson & Sheppard visit. Professionally the experience was great. It opens your eyes to the way the trips function, the number of clients you see within the week and the dynamic of the team.

Normally only Mr Hitchcock and Colin Heywood go, but even with three of us it was hectic. I was there to both help Mr Hitchcock with the fittings, often looking after the trouser fitting where previously he would have had to do that himself, and to assist Colin with the selling and presenting cloth bunches. Both were a big help if customers overlapped so they wouldn’t be waiting around, although overall the diary is kept to quite well.

It was an intense week: we were booked up every half an hour from 8am to perhaps 7pm at night. Three of the evenings we were taken out to dinner by clients. And then the following week Mr Hitchcock and Colin went on to Boston and Washington DC.

But it was a very good experience. It was my first time abroad, let alone in New York, so I really enjoyed being there.