Foubert’s Place Workroom

By Jennie on 20th November, 2014



The Anderson and Sheppard workroom at Foubert’s Place has been around for about 8 years. I have been there for just over 4 years, first as an apprentice coat maker and now as a self-employed coat maker. We used to work under a man called John Kyriacou, but he retired as I finished my apprenticeship and I was lucky enough to be able to take the helm.

Liberty, Ashleigh and I make all manners of coats here, from jackets, tailcoats, dinner jackets and overcoats; and we work as a team to get everything done. I was trained here and like Liberty and Ashleigh who are still apprentices; you learn each stage of coat making and progress through each level of the apprenticeship program. You learn how to fix, canvas, how to do the facing and how to baste the jacket for a fitting.

IMG_2367As well as doing all the practical aspects you are also learning important information along the way. There are so many intricacies behind the making of a coat or jacket; you have to recognise the many features included on coats and learn how to work with different cloths.

We will soon be moving to a workroom on St Georges street along with trouser makers Keith and Michael who are currently at Clifford Street. As great as Foubert’s Place has been; it’s exciting to move to a larger workroom with more light and space. It’s always great to have a sociable, friendly environment as a maker, which we definitely do have now but I’m certain that once we move it will be even better!