From Coat Cutter To Trouser Maker

By Finnan on 5th September, 2014



I have just completed my third week of training as a Trouser Maker at Anderson and Sheppard, which isn’t anything unusual, except that I had spent the last four years as a Coat Cutter at the bespoke shop. It is common for most to start off making trousers or coats, and then move on to cutting them but that wasn’t the case for me.

I joined Anderson and Sheppard in 2000 as an apprentice Coat Cutter, I really wanted to work for the company and I knew it was an excellent opportunity. I worked under Mr Hitchcock and I can truly say I have appreciated all I have learnt whilst working as a Cutter. The cutting process consists of meeting with customers and going through the details with them. You measure them and account for all the configurations; and then you cut the pattern and the cloth. Once that’s all done it then goes to the tailor who sews it all together.


Although I really enjoyed cutting and learnt some invaluable skills, I knew I had more passion for the making aspect of things. I am enjoying every minute of the trouser making training. It has been a pretty smooth transition because as well as making trousers in my spare time; I have always had opportunities to ask the tailors questions over the years, so some knowledge is already there.

Of course I am also learning new things all the time. It’s great to have Keith teaching me, because he has so much expertise in trouser making and we get on so well. With just over 30 years’ experience at Anderson and Sheppard as a trouser maker, Keith is the perfect person to teach me all I need to know.


“It’s my first time mentoring and teaching somebody, and the three weeks I have been training Finnan have been great. Finnan already knew parts of the trouser making process and techniques so a lot of the knowledge is already present. It’s clear he’s passionate about trouser making so it’s even better to train an enthusiastic person.”