G.J. Cleverley & Co

By Audie on 4th November, 2015


NOV_8573 HR Round the corner from us just off Old Bond Street in the Royal Arcade, is our favourite shoemakers G.J. Cleverley.

The bespoke shoemakers was set up in 1958 by Mr. George Cleverley after having already established a name for himself during his years at nearby shoe-maker Tuczek. George Cleverley was known for creating the chiselled square toe that is still to this day the shoemaker’s signature.

A pair of George Cleverley bespoke shoes can be designed in almost any material imaginable and any number of styles. The bespoke experience sees skilled shoemakers working with you to determine the exact size, shape, look and material you want in your shoes.


Outlines and measurements of your feet are taken to create a three dimensional map that will explore the best balance and support lines for your feet. A beech wood last is then carved encompassing every aspect of your foot, and the last is used to construct the first pair of bespoke shoes by various craftsmen specialised in different processes.


Once your shoes are finished, the last mold will remain at Cleverley’s so you can call any time, from anywhere and order a new pair of shoes in the material of your choice.


The company’s current owners, George Glasgow and John Carnera who succeeded Mr Cleverly in 1978, have continued to uphold the artistry and craftsmanship of the founder’s original bespoke designs. This is also evident in their other shoe ranges. Their semi bespoke Anthony Cleverley range and bench made ready to wear collection are both made to a high quality using the finest materials.

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We collaborated with G.J. Cleverly to create two wonderful styles. The first a chiselled toe, laced ankle boot available in both horse chestnut and mid-brown leather and mole coloured suede. The second style, a Loro Piana cashmere slipper with a gently rounded chiselled toe in black, charcoal grey, navy and red.





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