Getting ready to dress Clifford Street

By Audie on 13th August, 2012

The development of the Clifford Street shop moves apace. The real infrastructure is almost complete, and the fun part of dressing this extraordinary space can then begin.

This week the front window was installed, and inside beautiful wooden floors are being stained and polished. I love the fact that the fitting rooms are so spacious, with enough room for a cosy armchair and truly excellent mirrors. The luxury of natural daylight streaming in from the sky light means that one can see colour properly without the distortion of artificial light.

Among the earliest arrivals of stock have been the hand-framed  sweaters from Ireland, cashmere socks and scarves in glorious colours. Trousers will also be a major focus, with at least 10 very different styles, a large size range and a wonderful variety of cloth and texture.

Because the shop is not seasonal we hope to have new and interesting things arriving  frequently, and for those who travel to the sun in the winter, we will keep linen shirts and swimwear, all year round.

On the next Notebook post we should be racing to the finishing line.