How I became a tailor

By Sunna on 13th September, 2010

I suppose I’ve been interested in working with my hands my whole life. My mother and father pushed us to be creative when we were children. We had a huge table full of coloured paints, threads, beads and anything we could use to create. In secondary school I managed to get an extra hour of textile craft every week. By then I knew sewing was the trade for me.

I studied textiles and fashion in Sweden for three years. Most of my classmates dreamt of becoming designers, but my passion was always in the craftmanship – I thought of it as a challenge to get every cut and seam absolutely perfect.

After college I moved to London, for the music, culture and of course for my career! I asked my cousin, who is also in the tailoring trade, to help me out and I started working for a bespoke alteration tailor. It turned out that it was the tailor that Anderson & Sheppard used for some of its alterations, so I’d come here all the time and drop off or pick up work.

Each time I came I’d ask if they had anyone who could teach me (all the tailors are self-employed) but there was never any availability. After three years they finally got tired of me asking. By that time I was working with a couple of designers that made suits and casual clothing, but I dropped it to come and work at Anderson & Sheppard.

I’ve been here for three years now and I love it. I’m happy that I’ve found a workplace that appreciates perfection as much as I do.