How to pack a suit

By Oliver on 11th November, 2013

If you don’t want creases then the simple truth is don’t pack them and carry them in a suit carrier. Keep them on a hanger and unfolded. However if they are destined for the suitcase, pack them like this:


Firstly, fold the suit jacket completely inside out so that all the lining in showing and even the shoulders have been popped inside out.

Secondly, fold the jacket in half down the centre back seam.

Finally, fold the jacket again from the collar to the tail.


Press them then roll them. Once you have a crease pressed down the front of them, tightly roll the legs up from the bottoms to the top.

Unpacking your suit:

As soon as you are able to, unpack your case. Remove your suit and hang it on a hanger. If you reach the hotel and have a shower on arrival, then place the jacket and trousers on separate hangers and put them in the bathroom. The room will be hot and damp which will help the cloth hang out.