Icon: Mad Men

By James on 16th January, 2012

The reason I like the style of Mad Men is because the characters care about their clothes. They are allowed to care – caring is part of the professionalism of the job and about how they portray themselves. These most manly of men even have conversations about clothes and it does nothing to lesson their masculinity.

I suppose I’m fortunate that, working at Anderson & Sheppard, I see a lot of well-dressed men come through the doors. Even the staff scrub up pretty well. But so many men today take no interest at all in their clothes and are slightly afraid to do so. That is a real shame.

I wouldn’t necessarily emulate all of the style aspects of Mad Men. I’m not a big fan of skinny ties, for instance. I also prefer to wear my pocket handkerchief in a puff rather than a straight fold. There’s no rationale behind that, it’s just always been my style. But I love the fact that Mad Men has made it acceptable for men to wear a pocket square; it has almost become the norm now in some circles.

The style aspects that I like, and would recommend, are the simple colour combinations and the clean, crisp white shirts. Much of what differentiates one character from another is in the subtle detailing of a suit – its micropattern, cut or the accessories it is worn with. There are a lot of lessons there for modern men.