I’ve completed my Apprenticeship

By Ashleigh on 17th November, 2016



I am happy to say that I have recently  completed my apprenticeship. The last year has basically felt like a trial run leading up to this point, gaining experience and confidence in my work. So I am thrilled to now be getting my own log book and being independent.
My apprenticeship lasted just over 4 years. I started here on work experience helping with the trimming and then got offered a coat making apprenticeship.
It has been such  a great experience and even though there are good and bad days it has all been a massive learning curve. My highlight will always be doing the Golden Shears Competition as I really felt I pushed myself creatively and technically and tested my ability to work under pressure. I’ve also enjoyed getting to meet and work with so many amazing people.
For anybody that is starting an apprenticeship I would advice you to have patience with yourself and your teacher. At the beginning it was all fun and exciting learning the easier parts of tailoring but further along you begin to learn the trickier parts that sometimes can take months of practice to achieve. You need to stick with it and keep practising.
I would really like to thank George Adamou for being an incredible teacher. He is extremely kind and patient with me and really gave me confidence in my work. I’m really looking forward to continuing working next to him. He can’t get rid of me that easily!

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