I’ve finished my apprenticeship

By Finnan on 25th October, 2016


I am delighted to say that last month I finished my trouser making apprenticeship at Anderson & Sheppard and I am now a fully qualified trouser maker. Before I started my apprenticeship as a trouser maker I had spent four years under Mr Hitchcock training as a coat cutter. Towards the end of that apprenticeship I had a change of heart about where I wanted to be within the company so I spoke to Mr Hitchcock and he agreed that I could move over to trouser making. I was very lucky I had the opportunity to move and work under Keith Smith who has been a trouser maker at Anderson & Sheppard for over 30 years.  It wasn’t an easy decision to start again but I am happy I did.

The whole experience has been amazing, I have learnt so much from Keith. My favourite things have been learning how to do all the different pockets; how to do dack tops and brace tops and working with fun fabrics like tartan and velvet.

Now I handle my own customers, Oliver and John will account jobs to me specifically and then that customer will stay with me. If they reorder anything it will always come back to me and I will make for them again. I have a log book to store all necessary information;  the job number, the customer’s name, what the job is (forward or finish) and if there are any extra details like lined top sides or extra pockets.


I would advise anybody that wants to become a bespoke tailoring apprentice to work hard to get your foot in the door and understand that it takes some time. This should be a passion not a pastime, apprenticeships require a lot of dedication but it is really worth it.

I would like to thank my mentor Keith and all at Anderson & Sheppard who have helped me along the way.