Keith and Michael – Trouser Makers

By Oliver on 31st January, 2014

We were successful in our search for a new member of the Trouser Department and Matthew joined us at the end of last year.  I have spent most of January introducing Matthew to the way that we work and helping him to build relationships with our trouser makers.  At least once a day, we go to see Keith and Michael who work in the basement of our haberdashery in Clifford Street.  They are two of our best trouser makers and work needs to be taken to them or fetched quickly for fittings if customers come in to see us unexpectedly.  The bundles are stored above their work benches and due to the high demand for our trousers, they are two of our busiest tailors.  Keith and Michael both joined Anderson & Sheppard as apprentices and have been with us for just over 30 years.

Matthew impressed us all by applying for work experience in the cutting room and by his willingness to help with anything that needed to be done.  He already knew quite a lot about bespoke tailoring as he has been passionate about it since visiting his father’s tailor at the age of 16.  Spending more time with Keith and Michael will help him to understand how our trousers are put together.  This is an essential part of Matthew’s cutting apprenticeship.  I look forward to reading his first contribution to The Notebook.