Linen Shirts

By Emily on 16th September, 2013

The quality of a linen shirt can often be dependent upon growing conditions and the way the linen is harvested. In order to generate the longest fibres, the flax is either hand harvested by removing the entire plant, or cut very close to the root. This is the start of a number of intense processes that culminate in the finished fibres being spun into yarns – ready for their use as linen as we know it.

A linen shirt is by far the coolest and most porous to be wearing during the summer months; and while here in the UK we’ve seen the best of the sun for this year, our clients who travel might still like to take note.

A linen shirt needs to fit well, but it should be worn ‘easy’ – in other words loosely, as it’s nice to let a summer breeze can pass through it. Available at our Clifford Street shop in a host of colours, they are definitely worth popping in for.

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