London Craft Week: Making Jimmy Beaumont’s Velvet Smoking Jacket

By Liberty on 25th April, 2017

Jennie - Jimmy B. 1

Jennie and I have been working on a navy blue velvet smoking jacket cut by Leslie Haynes,  it has been really fun to work on the jacket for this project.

I always get excited when Craft Week comes along, I try to visit events and talks whenever I can so it is great to be involved in it this year.

You always have to be more careful when working with velvet as any imperfections show up on the fabric and it is easier to damage it. This jacket also has embroidery so we have to ensure we are mindful of that.  We rarely get smoking jackets so it a great opportunity for me to get some training working on shawl collars.

I am excited to see the finished jacket – I think Jimmy will be very happy with it indeed!

The full suit will be on display during London Craft Week which runs from the 3rd to 7th of May 2017.

Jennie - Jimmy B. 4


Jennie - Jimmy B. 3

Jennie - Jimmy B. 5