Making my extras

By Finnan on 14th October, 2013

In recent months I’ve been busy making a couple of extra trousers for my suits. Not only has it been really good practice, but it’s allowed me to try something different with the style. I used to have plain fronts, but I thought with a second pair I’d try them with 2 forward facing pleats. I really like them. Not only are they true to the Anderson & Sheppard house style (which a number of my colleagues wear), but on a practical level they give you more room in the front and a better shape in my opinion. Pleats look really good with a double breasted coat and belong with turn-ups I think.

I’m becoming quicker and better at making, and am really grateful to Keith (one of our trouser makers) who I’ve been watching and learning from on numerous Saturdays.

The picture below are the trousers for my blue suit. A 13oz navy Anderson & Sheppard Special. For a bigger frame I still would recommend a plain front as otherwise there may be too much material bellowing in the front of the trouser. This can make the wearer look bigger still.

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of pairs of trousers for a suit, especially if you don’t have many suits in your wardrobe.