Making the Cut by Jennie

By Jennie on 10th November, 2014


Liberty and I were featured in the latest issue of Lula magazine, for a piece focusing on the new generation of Savile Row bespoke suit-makers. They asked us all sorts of questions, and we were included with a number of other tailors from Savile Row.





Lula- Why did you choose to go into coats? 

Jennie- They’re are the most difficult part (of the suit) – I started off with them because I knew I didn’t want to be a cutter who greets customers and cuts the cloth; I wanted to be more practical. It was just a question of which garment for me.


Lula – What made you get into tailoring? 

Jennie- I realised I wanted to do menswear. I appreciate the structure of it and the fact that most of it isn’t going out of fashion; it’s the longevity of the items I make. 





Lula – How come you chose to be a coatmaker? 

Liberty- When I was younger I used to work in a fancy-dress shop, where they had original period costumes. I’d always been really interested in making clothes, so I forced my mum to buy me a sewing machine. From then on I became interested in how jackets were put together. 


Lula – What do you think it takes to get an apprenticeship on Savile Row?

Liberty- I first came in with a suitcase full of work I’d done at college, but Mr Hitchcock just said ‘go upstairs and show them your hand-sewing’ and it went from there. It takes dedication.