Making up the Canvas

By Emily H on 9th December, 2013

The first job we do when starting a jacket is to put the pockets in. Once they’re made up I turn to the canvas. At Anderson & Sheppard we are known for our softness in the coat, and to achieve this we use the softest canvas. It leads to a really comfortable wear.

The four-part (the front of the jacket) is then layed onto the canvas and cut to the same shape. Then if the job requires a few cuts and darts to help with its shape, they are then added. To this, the horsehair canvas is put on top and cut accordingly. The final element is a  layer of ‘demet’ which stops the horsehair coming through. I then pad stich all the layers together. Once complete I  pass it to Derek who canvasses the four-part of the coat, giving  it its structure.