My Apprenticeship by Alicia

By Alicia on 16th June, 2016

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I am an apprentice coat maker at Anderson & Sheppard.  I have grown up around tailoring; my granddad has been a tailor for most of his life so I have always had the opportunity to see what it involves. It’s such a fascinating industry and it is lovely to see how much my granddad loves his work, his passion for the trade is what got me interested in tailoring.

I attended Soham Village College for two years and studied textiles, and then I started work with my granddad. He allowed me to do some work experience for him for two weeks and I also worked with him over the summer holidays when I was in my last year of college. I started my apprenticeship in November 2015.

Life as a tailor is so rewarding; I am constantly learning and there is always a lot to do. My most exciting moment was when I visited everyone at the Anderson & Sheppard bespoke shop. It was such an amazing experience and of course I can’t forget the day I got offered my apprenticeship. At the moment I am working on a black single breasted dinner jacket which has been really exciting to finish.

My favourite aspect of tailoring is that every day I get the opportunity to be productive, creative and discover something new on the coats I work on. My granddad ensures that I am always busy and I am so lucky I have him as my mentor.