My chosen career

By Matthew on 14th April, 2014

Matthew-In-The-Cutting-RoomWhen I was 16 I thought I knew exactly what path to take. Without much thought I planned to finish my A levels, go to university and start a career in finance, something that’s very familiar in my family. At least that was the idea before I discovered bespoke tailoring. Ever since that day I wanted to find out more and more so my interest grew to the extent that straight after A levels I rejected my university offer (without my dad’s consent of course) and decided to pursue my dream.

But I knew I had nothing to offer, no experience. Regardless of all that I approached Anderson & Sheppard and I’ll tell you why this particular company in a second.
What’s my recollection of the first time I entered the door on 32 Old Burlighton St? Terrifying! I think I said “have a good night” instead of “good morning” I was so nervous. Nevertheless I put a few words together and I was told that Mr. Hitchcock was on holiday and would be happy to see me after he returned. That’s how it all stated. I came in for one day’s work experience then another and another. Eventually, a few days before Christmas last year I was offered an apprentice position under John Malone and Oliver in the trouser department. Needless to say, I jumped at it.

So why Anderson & Sheppard? I remember countless walks through Savile Row after school, during my summer holidays, they’ve all ended with a long look inside the shop on 32 old Burlington St. I thought to myself “this suit has beauty, it has style and it screams comfort!” It was love at first sight.

I started on the 23rd of December 2013