My first finished suit

By Ollie on 27th August, 2012

This is the first suit I have ever cut and made myself – the blue cotton on me, far left. It was rather a challenge and gave me an even greater respect for the tailors we have at Anderson & Sheppard.

I’d made myself trousers before but never a full suit. The hardest thing was putting in the sleeves. They went in and out several times and even now I don’t think they’re 100%. I tried to soften the shoulder by not putting any shoulder pads in at all, which probably made it harder. The back of the sleeve in particular becomes quite tricky at that point – getting the right line down the back of the sleeve and the side of the jacket.

The front is easier because you are working in less fullness than at the back. Then as you come over the top, over the crown, it’s tricky. You need the sleeve to hang just right and, if it doesn’t, the error is obvious because the end of the sleeve will be hanging slightly forward or back, or be twisted round. You’re essentially trying to work two circles together in the perfect alignment.

There are still many refinements to be made with my trouser making, which hopefully I can put into practice with my next pair – grey flannels.

It was a good experience and considering it’s not something I do every day I’m happy.