New Loro Piana cloths

By James on 5th September, 2011

We recently decided to feature a range of new Loro Piana cloths in longer lengths, as we do with many Anderson & Sheppard exclusives. These hang on the wall opposite the cloth bunches and give the customer the opportunity to feel what the cloth will be like in a size more like the jacket or coat he might have made out of it. Having a length also means you can drape it over your shoulder, allowing you to more easily envisage how it will look as a jacket. It’s interesting to see how bold colours and patterns are often muted when seen in this full size. Many of the Anderson & Sheppard checked tweeds are best appreciated as longer lengths.

The Loro Piana cloths we have chosen include examples suitable for jackets, suits and overcoats. There is a lovely tan-coloured cashmere with a herringbone pattern, for example, that would make a nice sports jacket, and a bolder herringbone in grey that would work well as a winter overcoat. It’s quite a strong pattern, but seen full length like this you can see how the texture works overall.

My favourite has to be a 100% vicuña though. Available in both a navy and tan, this a wonderfully soft cloth and would make the ultimate topcoat for a gentleman. It too has a very subtle herringbone, which adds just that touch of texture to the surface. The luxuriousness, and rarity, of the cloth is reflected in the price, but it is a wonderful thing to be able to have made.

We have always had Loro Piana available, but this is the first time we have decided to display the longer lengths in store, because we feel customers will particularly take to the range. We recommend people come in and try them.

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