New summer cloths

By James on 7th May, 2012

We have a greater range of summer cloths this year, with a particular range from Solbiati selected to hang in longer lengths on the rails. The great advantage of this is that customers can drape them over their shoulder and get a greater sense of how the finished jacket will look.

We have lovely seersucker, which comes in a whole range of colours – including pure navy, rather than just a navy stripe, which looks really good and unusual. Seersucker is popular with everyone, American and British alike.

There are some heavy linens, 13 ounce I believe, which come up very nicely and have the feel of a solid hopsack. There is some grey linen – very nice with a white shirt and you can thow jeans at it and it wil work well too. It’s still very sunny without being too classic.

Blues come in a range, from the strong, mid-blues that work well as a jacket to the inky navy tones that look lovely as a suit. Navy linen can look quite dusty if there’s too much grey in it, so personally I like a really deep navy.