Our At-Home Workshop

By Wren on 8th February, 2021


My name is Wren and I am in the third year of my trouser making apprenticeship with Anderson and Sheppard. I work under my brother Finnan who has been with the company for over 10 years. At the start of last year Finnan built a workshop at his home in Sussex, because of the lockdowns it has meant traveling into London has not always been possible and so still being able to work with him everyday has been a great experience 

We start work at 8:30am most mornings usually after I’ve had breakfast with Finnan and my nephew. We discuss what we need to prioritise that week, I might be starting a new job or finishing a fitted job. Starting means taking the cut cloth in the bundle and putting everything together for the first fitting, finishing means making the necessary alterations marked on the job by the cutter for the final fitting. We then send the trousers back to the shop for the final fitting. Each day is as much about learning new things as it is about reinforcing skills I’ve already learnt. I am always focussing on improving the quality and speed of my tailoring. I normally finish work at 6:30pm, depending on deadlines.

I really enjoy being creative and making things which this job allows me to do everyday. 

One of my favourite parts, which is also incredibly satisfying, is seeing the finished product which I have made with my own hands. I am currently making myself a pair of trousers and look forward to having a first fitting on them.

Anderson & Sheppard