Our Dispatch Department

By Michael Gardener on 6th May, 2015


I have been working at Anderson and Sheppard for 22 years, and Alfie has been here for nearly 2 years. We work in the dispatch department downstairs in the bespoke shop. Our job here is to pack and arrange complete bag garments and send them out to customers.

We send packages to customers in the UK, and abroad to countries like the USA. Some customers may be visiting the city and are having their suits finished, so we deliver the bag garments ourselves to them if they are staying in nearby hotels or apartments.

We also know the importance of good maintenance when it comes to a bespoke Anderson and Sheppard suit. Customers send us their suits to be dry cleaned; and we send out garments twice a week to a reliable dry cleaning service close by to ensure that they are cared for and cleaned sufficiently. We get the clothes back and sometimes notice that they may need small alterations or repairs to the lining and such, so we get that handled, and then contact the customer about where they want it delivered too.

We keep a record of all things that are booked out for customers, and items we have sent out to be dry cleaned. Everything is indexed and cross checked to ensure all the garments are accounted for, to prevent any problems occurring during delivery. It’s an important job, everyone likes things they have ordered arriving in time and in good condition so we try to make sure that every customer is always satisfied.