Packing the Carnet

By Max on 6th April, 2016

Anderson & Sheppard Carnet 2016 (4)

Once again it’s that time of year for us at Anderson & Sheppard; preparation for this year’s Spring trip to the U.S has been under way for a few weeks now.

With around 120-130 customers being given appointments it’s essential that we ensure all garments whether fittings or finishers are ready to be sent in the Carnet.

Leon, Oliver, Matthew and I have been packing the trunks over the past week. We have a look through the American diary and then cross check the garments. Once we have checked over that we then bring them upstairs and pack them in order of appointment.

This equates to nearly three hundred suits that Danny Hall, John Malone and Mr Heywood will have to fit over their two weeks stay in the US. The guys will be visiting New York, Washington and Boston from 18th April – 29th April.

We all wish them a safe and successful trip.

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