Pressing the Garments

By Max on 10th April, 2015

Anderson and Sheppard Pressing Garments (2)

Whilst pressing may not be the most glamourous aspect of tailoring it is a very important step in the production process nonetheless. Pressing gives a chance for quality control; cutters must be looking out for any number of small details. Things such as weak stitching, any damage to linings or the cloth that may have occurred during the making process must all be spotted at this stage prior to the garments being taken away by a customer.

The difference between a good job and that of a great one can all come down to the level of pressing it has received. Ensuring a job is perfect however may not always be easy; different weights of cloth react differently to an iron whilst special care must be given to garments made of cashmere, vicuna, velvet and corduroy as any direct application from the base of the iron can damage the cloth potentially ruining a suit.

All cutters at Anderson & Sheppard are trained to press to a standard whilst once again remaining vigilant for quality control, ensuring that all garments are finished to a highest degree.

Anderson and Sheppard Pressin garments