Savile Row Bespoke Diploma

By Finnan on 21st June, 2017


I am very happy to announce that last week Finnan and I gained our Savile Row Bespoke Diplomas.

I had to make a portfolio and then I had to present four garments to be marked at Henry Poole. That included a pocket baste, a forward fitting, a finished jacket and then also something special. The point of the diploma is to show that you have been trained up to a Savile Row standard. Our work is assessed to ensure that the quality in bespoke tailoring is upheld.

It was great to see all that I had learnt on display, I have gained so much experience throughout my apprenticeship so I had the opportunity to look back on all of it and see my accomplishments. I had four jackets on display, two were customer’s jackets and then I made a single breasted jacket from special house A&S cloth. My last one was the tweed field jacket I made for the Dumfries House Wool Conference house which was one of my favourite pieces I have made during my time as an apprentice.


Finnan Lane – Trouser Maker says,

I put together a portfolio which showed my work, I had to follow a template set out by SRB. It showed you each criteria they wanted to see within your portfolio and in your practical work. Everything down to displaying experience in basic hand sewing, machining, finishing and button holes was included. I submitted it on the day and it was assessed by qualified individuals from SRB and from Savile Row. They checked the work and ensured it is up to standards. I submitted a baste, two forwards and a finished pair of trousers.

Next week we will be attending the Summer Ball at the Merchants Taylor Hall, where Liberty and I will be receiving our certificates, we are both extremely excited.



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